"A Vital Warrior Forges Their OWN Path" We Are Resourceful, Creative And Unique In Many Ways.  We Strive To Give A Valiant Effort Day-In And Day-Out.  We Are Willing To Put In The Work, Trust The Process And Do The Things That Others Will NOT! We Never Quit.

Our Main Focus Is To Show You Through Our Proven Process, Exactly How You Can Live A Sustainable And Balanced Lifestyle Without Giving Up Things You Enjoy Most

How It All Began...

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From Courtney Standridge: Founder & CEO of VITAL FITNESS, LLC


Who Is Courtney Standridge?


What Makes Her "Qualified" To Tell Me Anything At All? 


What Is It That Makes Vital Fitness Any Different Than Anything Else Out There?


To The Motivated Individual Reading This Now,

You May Be Wondering A Little About How I Came To Be Here With You Today...

When I Was A Young Girl I Was Made Fun Of Relentlessly! 


I Grew Up In What You Might Call A “Blended” Household.

With Five Younger Siblings I Had A Different Father And Different Skin Color, Being Out In The Public With My Family Surely Didn’t Help Build My Social

Skills Ha...


From Middle School To High School I Was Always One Of The Kids Who Got Made Fun Of For One Reason Or Another.

It Started Affecting My Confidence Greatly And I Remember Going Home Crying On A Daily Basis (Just Ask Grandma).


Because I Was A Young Teen, I Thought The Best Plan Of Action Was To Try To Fit In. So, I Started Hanging Out With People Who Had The Body I Wanted.


By Hanging Out With The Crowd That Smoked, Drank Alcohol, And Rarely Ate Any Quality Meals, My Body Changed Rapidly. I Started Getting Compliments On My Physique Which Led To Years Of Poor Lifestyle Habits...

Now Fast-forward To My 20's...

Let Me Tell You A Quick Story About The Time I Was Super Unhealthy, I Nearly Went Bald, And The Path I Was Headed Down Could Have Potentially Been Fatal.

At The Time I Was Trying To Quit Smoking Cold Turkey, Eat Way Less While Spending Hours Wandering Around The Gym Like A Lost Puppy Feeling Like All Eyes Were On Me (And Not In A Flattering Way).

I Was Struggling With Overcoming An Eating Disorder And Dealing With The Usual Self-Esteem Issues We Go Through With Our Bodies...

And I Was Getting More And More Sick, Frustrated And Disgusted With My Unhealthy Habits, The Way I Looked And The Way I Felt.

Then The Bottom Fell Out From Under Me When The Doctor Diagnosed Me With PCOS, Told Me It Would Be Unlikely I'd Be Able To Have Kids And That My Lifestyle Habits At The Time Would Deteriorate My Overall Health Rapidly If I Didn't Make A Change.

Which Meant I Couldn't Give My Husband The Life And Family I Had Promised Him.

As You Can Imagine, I Was In Bad Shape And Desperate, BUT I Wasn't Ready To Give Up On My Dreams Of Overcoming My Struggles, Having Kids And Becoming A Personal Trainer So That I could Help As Many Other People Not Have To Go Through It Alone Like I Had To.

 At That Point, EVERYTHING Changed!

I Decided It Was Time For Me To Become A Certified Personal Trainer, And In Doing So, I Discovered Not Only How To Make Fitness FUN, But Learned That No Two Bodies Are Alike And That Fitness Isn't A ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL Formula And Because Of All This, I Finally Figured Out How To:

- Overcome My Own Struggles And Get Massive Results All From The Comfort Of My Home

- Eat The Foods I Love Most Without Sabotaging My Hard Earned Results Or Feeling Guilty.

- Teach Others The Exact Exercises That Will Deliver Results All While Saving Them Time, Stress And Money By Training Them Where They Are Most Comfortable. 

Now I'm Living My Dream Of Having Overcome My Struggles, Being Blessed With 3 Beautiful Children, And Becoming A Personal Trainer So That I Can Help Others Live Their Lives To The Fullest And I Never Have To Worry About Struggling To Find My Purpose In The World Ever Again... 


While All That Is Irrelevant, Understand The Vision I'm Creating For You.

It Is My Belief Through My Own Experiences Along With The Clients I Have Worked With, That The Same Things It Takes To Be Successful In Fitness, Are The Same Things It Takes To Be Successful In Life.


Whether It's Your Health, You Have Low Self-Esteem, You're On A New Quest, Or You're Hoping For A Loving Relationship That Is The Driving Force For You To Make A Change, It Doesn’t Matter.


Guarantee You That By Changing Your Body And Habits, All Those Things Will Happen.


Changing Your Body Generates More Confidence... Confidence Generates More Happiness... Happiness Positively Influences All Other Areas Of Your Life.


Fitness Isn’t Just About Looking A Certain Way, It Can Most Definitely Change Your Life. That Is Our Message Behind Vital Fitness.


Vital Fitness Is About Transforming Your Body While Learning How To Make More Mindful Choices While Living Life On YOUR OWN Terms. Any Trainer Or Fitness Professional Can Tell You To Eat Less Or Put You Through Butt-Kicking Workout Programs, But Only A Good One Can Do Things YOUR WAY And A Safe Way.


What This Means Is Eating And Training The Way You Want, On Your Time And Getting SUSTAINABLE Results, Long-Term. If You Could Get The Same Results Training 2 Days A Week In The Comfort Of Your Own Home As You Would Going To The Gym Every Day, Wouldn’t That Pump You Up?


How About Eating The Things You Love The Most Over Some Super Restrictive Diet? I Don’t Think It’s A Hard Choice.


This Is What Vital Fitness Is All About. 


Get Results While Living Life On Your Terms.


And That's Why I'm So Passionate Telling You About Vital Fitness In-Home Personal Training, So You Can Experience What It Feels Like To Stop Searching For Answers, To Overcome Your Struggles While Finally Finding The Keys To Unlocking Your True Potential And Positively Impacting Every Other Area Of Your Life!