How To Properly Select A Trainer That Will Help You Succeed 💪🏽🤓

I'll be the first to admit that I do not know every which way of training. If your looking strengthen your boxing skills or limber up for a dance competition, I'm not your trainer and I'll be upfront about that... HOWEVER, My main areas of expertise lie in teaching you how to safely build strength, lean muscle, lose weight and how you can eat the food you love and not have to worry about just eating chicken and broccoli for every meal. My passion for helping people doesn't just stop there though... you may or may not know what my personal struggles were before I became certified as a personal trainer... I have personally had to overcome an eating disorder, PCOS, Postpartum issues and other self-esteem issues that we go through with our bodies. I have searched high-and-low for answers to all of my struggles and was not able to lock in on any one solution... and this has been the driving force for me wanted to spread my knowledge and experience because I don't want anyone to have to go through what I did, nor have to go at it alone... Due to high demand and my clients amazing successes I am adding like-minded trainers to our team so that if by chance I am not the best fit to help you reach your goals, then we will have another trainer that would better suit your goals and needs... So as far as "How To Properly Select A Trainer"... well here are some basic guidelines for you to think about:

1. Credentials are a must! A trainer should be able to show you a nationally accredited certification as well as references. 2. Experience. Practice makes perfect! How long have they been training and what are their specialties/personal experiences? 3. Personality. Do you vibe well with this person or will you dread your sessions? Do you need positive reinforcement or a drill Sergeant? Find a trainer who listens to you and will safely help you reach your goals. 4.How will your trainer be creating your program- machines, free weights, indoors, outdoors? Is their goal to teach you a skill or just to kick your butt? Ask and find out if it’s in line with what you’re looking for. 5. Specialities. Jack of all trades but master of none? Find out what your trainer has accomplished and trained. If you’re training for a marathon, you may not want to start with a boxing coach. 6. Cost- cost varies based on trainers credentials, demand, location, skills, what type of experience you are looking for (just a workout program, or added in accountability, nutrition guidance etc.) The bottom line is that if PRICE is the MAIN factor that is going to keep you from hiring someone that will help you overcome your struggles and improve your overall health long-term, then maybe you're just not ready or as concerned about your health as you may think. If a trainer is "cheap" or "inexpensive" most of the time from my experience is that it is because they are inexperienced or just concerned with hitting a certain quota. Either way it's up to how you feel personally and that's O.K. as long as you feel you're making the best decision for you. And by no means are ALL relatively inexpensive trainers bad trainers, it just helps to do your research! 7. Schedule! Is your trainer booked solid or do they have many openings? 🙋🏽‍♀️ It’s nice to have a trainer who’s flexible but stop and think WHY aren’t they booked? 8. Location. Will this be a convenient stop for you and how much time will it take out of your day? Will the trainer come to you and save you that extra time 💁🏽‍♀️ 9. Progress is essential- or else what’s the point!? Make sure your trainer is helping you track it! 10. Reputation 🙂 as mentioned above- get those references. Your trainer will be apart of your daily life. Make sure they’re good people ✌🏽

. Listen, I don't claim to have the MOST experience, but I’m working everyday towards absorbing all the knowledge I can. The other day I witnessed a “master” trainer having their clients do leg extensions with a heavy kettlebell around their toes 🤭 Peeps- your feet hold the smallest bones in your body and it made me want to share this blog. Don’t be fooled by fancy titles. Do your research to find a trainer who will guide you through safe and effective workouts. Making things overly complex, confusing, dangerous- no one benefits from that 😘

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